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Evelyn Jackson Arrington is the President and Founder of Bridge of Light in addition to serving as the Operations Manager for MJWJ Global Radio Network, reporting to MJWJ Principals. She has over 35 years of Corporate Experience, including Sales, Marketing, Public Relations, Communications and Office Management. In her most recent position, she served as Office Manager of NASA’s Orion Vehicle Integration Office (America’s next manned space vehicle). In that role she was responsible for the integration of different engineering disciplines, including tracking and compliance with Orion’s contractors’ scope of work as well as coordination of the office itself.  She also served as Managing editor of NASA Orion Press Newsletter and assisted with coordination of PA1 Flight test events at Kennedy Space Station.


She retired from Conoco Phillips where she served as Senior Facilitation Specialist for the Marine Division and as Chair of the Conoco Diversity Committee.  As Senior Facilitation Specialist she was responsible for high level meetings to ensure that each goal was met by the conclusion of each meeting. Had oversight of all Marine Division Human Resources including ship’s crews and was often required to helicopter out to ships that were too heavy to come port side to conduct personnel meetings.  As Diversity Chair she was responsible for identifying personnel issues, discriminatory activities and devaluing behaviors. This was a particularly difficult position that required a tremendous amount of emotional grit.


She is a licensed and ordained Minister and President of GospelworksLive. As President of GospelworksLive she established a partnership with the State of Texas and developed Video Active Parenting (VAP); a program that facilitated introductions of the incarcerated to their children prior to their release. Working with offenders made it easier for inmates to reach out to at-risk children. Many of the children had never even met their parent who in some cases had been incarcerated for many years. By developing a series of videos with the inmate, GospelworksLive was able to make the first meeting after release a lot easier for both and in some cases helped mend many, many broken relationships with the offender and their child (evidenced by the letters we would receive from the child thanking us). As a partner of the State of Texas, GospelworksLive received the Fasten Award from the Governor’s office for creating this program.She is an entrepreneur, playwright, author, poet and musician and studied radio at Columbia School of Broadcasting.


One of her great passions is writing poetry where she has a self reflective site that also include free spiritual poetry for public use. poetry for every ocand producing dramas for various churches and school systems. She is a playwright, entrepreneur, poet, actress, songwriter and certified event coordinator. God has blessed her to be able to share some of her experiences through two inspirational books (one is poetry), “Cool Mournings” and “Lord, Just the Mention of Your Name”, which can be purchased through Gospelworks only. Some of her other works include


  • “Where You Going Now Girl”

  • “The Moaning Bench”,

  • “Troubled Waters”

Numerous african history mini skits

  • “Sojourner Truth”,

  • “I Taught You Better Than That Son”,

  • “He Was A Black Man”,

  • “Freedom Up Yonder”,

  • “From Shackles We Rose” as well as several seasonal full productions and mini-skits.


Evelyn also served on assignment at several churches as Director of Women’s Ministries and Program Director and has overseen the following ministries

  • “Women Walking Worthy in Christ”

  • S.W.I.F.T. Women’s Ministry

  • Spiritually Speaking

  • Drama Director

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