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Dr. Veda Brown

Dr. Veda Brown is the only African American to earn the PhD in Development Psychology with a specialization in Cognition from the University of Florida. In addition to her academic degrees, she is a licensed Christian Missionary. In her faith-based series of books, she has combined her academic training with her faith to create books that engage, educate, and empower. She has collaborated with celebrated painter and illustrator, Bianca Neal, to bring each of the books to life.


Dr. Veda Brown is passionate about the empowerment of children. In addition to having served as an elementary school teacher and a university psychology professor, Veda has conducted national training workshops to help parents, early educators, researchers, and community leaders provide the best teaching/learning strategies that facilitate diverse learning styles – especially in the area of self- actualization/empowerment and early literacy development.

Dr. Eboni T. Butler

Licensed Clinical Psychologist/Owner of Butler Psychological Group, PLLC. Butler Psychological Group, PLLC has been wonderful in helping families understand one another, communicate more effectively and bridge the generational gaps.

Shelby Stewart - Retired HPD Sargent/Civil Rights Activist

Retired HPD Sargeant Shelby Stewart spent twenty-eight years in the Houston Police Department and retired at the rank of Sergeant in 2009.While working as a police officer, he began his journey as a civil rights activist. He fought against racism and unfair treatment of minorities within the department. Throughout that period, Shelby was mentored by his hero and friend the great Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth of Birmingham, Alabama


Shelby was born into the Yates Family. He is the Great Great Grandson of Jack Yates. Growing up Shelby was blessed to be born into a family where he did not have to look for role models outside of his family because most of his family members were educators, doctors, politicians, nurses and businessmen. He grew up in Houston Texas and attended St Peters Elementary, Lockhart Elementary, Lanier Junior High and Stephen F. Austin Senior High and is a Proud Texas Southern Tiger. Shelby left Texas Southern in his senior year and joined the Houston Police Department.


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