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Increased discord across multiple generations compromises productive communication and collaboration for the betterment of our communities. The Bridge of Lights event blueprint is designed to be used by communities desiring to create an informative and productive conversation platform that learns from history, shapes the future inciting collaboration and change one multi-generational community at a time.


The inaugural Bridge of Lights community event will be held in Houston, Texas in early 2016.



Community Elders

Community Millennials

Community Population



The Concept …

“Be strong and courageous… do not be discouraged.”Deuteronomy 31:7-8


From a biblical context, we find Moses passing the baton to Joshua. Moses mentored and learned from Joshua. This is a beautiful example of generational collaboration for the good of the whole. Moses and Joshua are in the company of Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr and President Barack Obama, Michael Jordan and Steph Curry, George Bush and George W. Bush and so forth. Today community conversations represent the baton to be passed for the sake of learning, connectivity and collaboration. The Bridge of Lights model creates a multi-generational conversation space to learn from one another, connect with one another and shape our future together for the good of the whole.


Key Deliverables

  • Connection – connect to understand where we are the same, embrace our differences; partner for a win-win across generations, present and future ALSO technology connecting, social media

  • Culture – embrace allies, understand history, concerns and contributions; partner as a single force that can’t be ignored; or reckoned with

  • Civil Rights- understand our civil rights and liberties; knowledge is power; learn to preserve rights and life; wisdom is strength.

  • Care – each one needs one. I am my brother’s keeper; no replacement for human touch and connection and self-care.


Success Measures (these can be more specific, real examples

  • Realized cross-generational collaborations are developed

  • Participants learn something new that they can apply soonest

  • Participants make new cross-generational connections, networks

  • Participants share their success stories long after the event


Quarterly (or Bi-Annual) Measures Red Green Yellow

  1. 3% of attendees update Bridge of Lights with success stories

  2. Social Media trending and conversations remain evergreen

  3. Other communities are asking for the Bridge of Lights blueprint for their community


Note: report on the quarter or bi-annual measure identify status on the key measures and score them R – red in trouble and not on target, G – green on target to deliver or Y – yellow –close to target more work to do.

Community Conversations that Lead Collaboration and  Change

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